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Tue Jan 19 15:41:28 CST 2010

Hi Jimmy,

I think the 128Kbps issue you're seeing might just be the bitrate slider
being limited - try the -B [bitrate] command line option, that will set the
max value for the slider.

Also, the unfortunate thing is that due to HIT Lab's unresolved licensing
issues, I'm not sure if it would be legal for anyone else to continue
working on their code directly (and be able to release it). It might be
possible for someone to recreate their work, since I'm not sure if it was
much more than adding support for higher resolutions in the DirectShow
grabber like Doug said, but I'm not sure of the legal issues involved with

The good news is that I've been having some success with testing x264 with
Doug's Blackmagic card grabber on Linux. I can get near-full fps at full
1080 HD, albeit with some latency (think I got it down to about .8 seconds),
and not too much CPU use either, around 2 cores on a 4-core 3Ghz machine.
mpeg4 is probably a bust since I can't successfully enable multithreading on
the encoding side, it just crashes.

We haven't gotten around to testing AGVCR extensively with HD material, but
we did have some issues with artifacting in general that were intermittent,
so when recording/playing back you might want to make sure the load on the
machine is low and/or try different machines and different platforms.


2010/1/15 Jimmy Miklavcic <jimmy.miklavcic at utah.edu>

>  Last year, the HIT Lab in New Zealand was kind enough to knock an HD vic
> for the HDMI interface. Now Nathan Gardiner has moved on and I was wondering
> if there was anyone else there that can continue work on it. One major
> limitation is that it will stream at a maximum of 128 Kbps. That's way too
> low for what we need. Doesn't make much sense to use HD at 128 Kbps.
> Is anyone picking up the work of Derek Piper and his AGVCR. I'm having some
> issues where it doesn't seem to handle the HD streams and during playback,
> I'm seeing some major artifacts and image break-up.
> If anyone is working other HD solutions I am very interested in hearing
> about it.
> Thanks,
> Jimmy
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