[AG-TECH] problems with AG 3.1b2 on RHEL 5.2

Douglas Kosovic doug at uq.edu.au
Tue Jan 19 03:46:54 CST 2010

Hi Andrew,

> We use Scientific Linux, which is a recompile of RHEL similar to
> CENTOS. I installed a fresh SL5.2 on a system which used to run AG2.4
> (and I think AG 3.0) under Fedora Core 3.
> However, neither vic nor rat will run properly.
> Rat comes up with a blank screen, and a message about "can't find
> black" on stdout/stderr Vic crashes with an incompletely described
> about missing fonts.

Other X11 apps like emacs will have the same issue, I suspect your
xorg.conf file is broken or copied from your earlier Fedora Core 3

In xorg.conf, check the line with rgbPath, it's probably referring to a
non-existent rgb.txt file.

The rgb.txt file declares the colors like black in the "can't find color
black" error you are seeing.

If the rgbPath fix doesn't fix vic, you might also want to check the
font server setup in the xorg.conf as it has probably changed.


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