[AG-TECH] Multicast traffic and virtualization

Christoph Willing c.willing at uq.edu.au
Fri Feb 19 14:51:04 CST 2010

On 20/02/2010, at 1:15 AM, Natalia Costas Lago wrote:

> Dear all,
> It is time to update our servers and I am trying a new set up with  
> virtualization techs.
> Has anyone tried xen virtualization hypervisor with AG?. I am  
> setting a "paravirtualized" AG server&Bridge (my server does not  
> support full virtualization :-( ). Does anyone know if VM guests can  
> send&receive multicast traffic?



In that case, the guest was only used to run VideoProducer services  
so, the guest really only has to be able to _send_ multicast traffic.  
Maybe it could also receive it but we never tried it, since it was  
acting only as a video capture machine - we weren't interested in  
incoming multicast traffic in the guest system. The host system ran  
only VideoConsumer and Audio services and worked fine - there was no  
problem with 2 way multicast in the host.

More recently, I've tried VMware Fusion on a Mac laptop with a Linux  
guest (trying to overcome the dreadful audio of rat on normal Mac). In  
this case multicast works fine in both directions in the guest  
(however it doesn't fix the dreadful rat on Mac audio so far).


> I could not find a how-to or FAQ at Xen's website or google.
> Thanking you in advance,
> Kind regards,
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