[AG-TECH] Retrieving file from Venue Data fails

Henry Hernando Caballero Corzo hh.caballero921 at uniandes.edu.co
Fri Feb 19 13:31:56 CST 2010


I'm setting up an AG node inside a medical institution. I've already dealt with networking issues (related to firewall permissions and forwarding rules). The following list of ports are currently open:

8000		TCP
8002		TCP
8004		TCP
8006		TCP
8030		TCP
20000		TCP
39900–40000	UDP
50000-52000	UDP
5800		TCP
9010		TCP
5900 - 6000	TCP

Given the host has a private IP, additional forwarding rules were applied to traffic on UDP ports in ranges 39900-40000 and 50000-52000.

So far, the following operations have succeded:
-Connection to AG server
-Sending/receiving media streams
-Event broadcasting in shared applications

However, I've been unable to retrieve files from the Venue's data repository. The 'Save' operation fails with message 'Operation timed out' (as seen in the Venue Server's log).

I'm suspecting I'm not aware of an additional firewall requirement. Looking at the traffic through the network adapter (using wireshark), I've identified some lost packets originating in the AG node (with the AG Server as the destination host) going to ports 50003 and 50004 over TCP protocol.

Any advices?

Thanks in advance.

PD. The same behavior occurs when using both OS X and Windows machines.
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