[AG-TECH] Missing Packet in Accesgrid + Windows

Jason Bell j.bell at cqu.edu.au
Wed Feb 10 17:13:02 CST 2010


Packet loss could be caused by a number of things, but the ones that quickly to mind are network issues or computer resources not being able to keep up.

A couple of things to try to see if they help include:

·         Trying reducing bandwidth and frame rate;

·         Does the issue occur when you are only sending a single H.264 stream;

·         Do you get issues when you only transmit H.261 streams, while receiving H.264 streams?  (IE, is the issue related to encoding);

·         As an additional thought, have you tried updating your video card drivers, as it may assist with decoding the and display the video streams;

Are you connected via multicast or unicast...  Have you tried unicast or trying a different bridge?

Anyway, hopefully this information may assist you with further testing.


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We are using AccessGrid with H.264 between 3 different campus of my University.
We are 9 cameras in a session.
Windows 32 bit is our S.O and we have QuadCore Processors.
Our graphics cards are Matrox P690 Plus PCI. There are 2 of it in each visualize computer.
The problem is that Vic misses a lot of packet, so the video have a lot of bad pixels.
We think that windows + Vic + QuadCore there are not friendly, and it look like when I assign Vic only to one processor it missed less, but still miss a lot.

Any idea to reduce missing packet?
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