[AG-TECH] AG and 3D projectors

Martin Turner Martin.Turner at manchester.ac.uk
Tue Apr 20 13:22:35 CDT 2010

We have in Manchester a triple passive stereoscopic wall that is also a 
main AG node

A useful part was a separate cluster for the stereoscopic side from the 
iocom/AG unit. Meant software would not clash - unless we wanted it. 
Required a bigger matrix but was worth it.

It will be a lot cheaper now - good luck and I recommend any AG space 
being multi-use.

yours Martin

Tim Scheitlin wrote:
> We have done this at NCAR.   In the past we had a double-wide, passive stereo projection system consisting of 4  (2x2) stacked projectors.   We recently moved to a single active stereo projector.     In both cases the projector configuration also doubled as our AG display system.
> Tim Scheitlin
> Boulder, CO
> On Apr 20, 2010, at 11:43 AM, Jeremy Mann wrote:
>> In the coming months, we will be turning one of our existing labs into
>> an AG conference room/3D projector room. Has anybody integrated both
>> environments into a single solution?
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>> Jeremy Mann
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>> University of Texas Health Science Center
>> Bioinformatics Core Facility
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