[AG-TECH] POSTPONED AG SIGGRAPH Session 23rd April "STAR Game Console Graphics"

Martin Turner Martin.Turner at manchester.ac.uk
Mon Apr 19 03:43:33 CDT 2010

Due to a volcano - the following meeting this Friday has been postponed.

Martin Turner wrote:
> *** Apologies for Cross-posting ***
> Naty Hoffman, Activision Inc. "State of the Art in Game Console Graphics"
> Friday xxxxxxxxxx, 2-3pm (BST) Room 1.10, Kilburn Building The 
> University of Manchester
> The lion's share of game graphics R&D is targeted to consoles, where 
> graphically intensive games sell the most copies. Although the 
> hardware has not changed in the last five years, gamers still expect 
> graphics to continually improve. Meeting this expectation requires 
> efficient use of hardware resources and careful selection of graphics 
> algorithms and techniques. This talk will describe the current state 
> of the art, and go over the graphics techniques that have proven most 
> useful in console game development.
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> Part of http://manchester.siggraph.org/
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> Anyone wishing to view via Access Grid should note the following. 
> Please check the Jabber room shortly before the start of the seminar 
> to find if ScreenStreamer is to be used.
> Virtual Venue: University of Manchester Room1:10
> Jabber Room: university-of-manchester-(1.10) 
> (sam.ag.manchester.ac.uk)@conference.mcs.anl.gov
> ScreenStreamer: Preferably use ScreenStreamer software - go to 
> http://www.memetic-vre.net/software/ScreenStreamer/ScreenStreamer.php 
> and select room "University of Manchester (1.10)" from the AGSC 
> section. Grab the screen feed (by clicking on it) from the 
> screenstreamer window and resize it - more info can be found on 
> http://www.memetic-vre.net/software/ScreenStreamer.
> Alternatively, the screenshot can be accessed at 
> (this IP might change for some sessions - 
> please check Jabber).

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