[AG-TECH] VenueManagement Problem changing Multicast Address

Jesus Cea Oliva jesus.cea at uca.es
Wed Apr 7 02:43:37 CDT 2010

Hi Christoph, sorry:

- I've used Ubuntu Karmic and Ubuntu Server and, on both systems, we have this problem. Now, I've tested on Windows and it's works without problems.

- AG version: 3.2 beta.

- I've run Venue Management on same machine that Venue Server, and later, I've run on different machine (previously, I gave me access control as Administrator for access Venue Server).


El dia 07 abr 2010 02:03, Christoph Willing <c.willing at uq.edu.au> escribió:
> On 06/04/2010, at 9:08 PM, Jesus Cea Oliva wrote:
>> Hi list.
>> I would like to comment a problem that I have with VenueManagement on my system. When I access to de Venue Server and I try to change the Multicast Address of Venue Server, the new window that appears to introduce the values of IP and Mask, I can't write them, I can't write anything.
>> However, if I copy the IP (for example, from a notepad) and Mask, then I can paste them. I supose that it could be a problem about the KeyPress event (or the respective name about this event), is it? I supose that it was trying to restrict introduce bad characters and introduce only numbers. Only its a idea :P.
> More information please:
> - what OS/distribution and AG version are you using (including 32/64bit)?
> - are you running management tool on separate, or same, machines as venue server?
> chris
> Christoph Willing +61 7 3365 8316
> QCIF Access Grid Manager
> University of Queensland
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