[AG-TECH] VPCscreen, Multicast and TTL

Philippe d'Anfray Philippe.d-Anfray at cea.fr
Fri Apr 2 07:39:56 CDT 2010


Great !!  with this test version of VPCScreen, the multicast packets are
given a TTL of 127 and can be received normally at other multicast
locations (at least in France....) (and also through bridges).



Christoph Willing a écrit :
> Philippe,
> Could you try some tests with:
>     http://www.vislab.uq.edu.au/debuntu/tests/vpcscreen_0.2-4_amd64.deb
> You'll have to download manually and use dpkg to install (rather than
> apt-get etc.):
>     sudo dpkg -i vpcscreen_0.2-4_amd64.deb
>>> Anyway, I think I've found the cause in the vpcscreen code and will
>>> apply a simple minded fix for testing. Would you be able to test it? I
>>> can't easily replicate your problem here to confirm that the fix
>>> works. If you are able to help with the testing, could you confirm
>>> that you're using Ubuntu 9.10 and whether you're using 32 or 64bit
>>> version please, so that I can build the appropriate version for you?
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