[AG-TECH] Using international BridgeServers

Ben Green ben.green at manchester.ac.uk
Thu May 14 04:39:19 CDT 2009

Hi all,

When setting up an international AG meeting (amongst Toolkit users) where all participants are connecting to the same VenueServer (to meet in the same virtual venue) is it preferential for all nodes to connect to their local BridgeServer, or should everyone connect to the same BridgeServer ?

I know that generally, it's better for everyone to meet at the same BridgeServer (less Multicast to worry about).

My question is mainly concerning the speed of network connections - one model of AG is to maintain good connections (and good multicast) between the BridgeServers, such that users only need to be concerned with their own connection to their local BridgeServer (I'm ignoring users with local Multicast connectivity here). Alternatively, users may connect directly to the same BridgeServer, regardless of where it resides, but this may not be the optimum network path.

Just wondering what the general view is on this.

Regards, Ben.

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