[AG-TECH] Question about AccessGrid small nodes

Purvis, Cameron ckpurvis at ua.edu
Thu May 7 14:52:51 CDT 2009

Hello, from Cameron at the University of Alabama!

I'm sorry if I have this mixed up:  I believe that, in the AccessGrid Town Hall meeting Tuesday morning, that I heard about RIT building out small AccessGrid nodes based on inexpensive desktop computers.  I couldn't make out the name of the speaker well but I think it may have been you.  The vision was to link several rooms together with standardized units all in a grid venue.  That sounds like something that could be a very good demonstration of the technology here in Tuscaloosa, Alabama.  It also sounds like something that would be fun to observe as the community starts to play with the technology.

If you guys are working on something like that - a sort of standardized design for small nodes - I'd love to be in touch with the right person to talk about that.  This is something I'd like to replicate here, and would appreciate the chance to collaborate with RIT.


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