[AG-TECH] InterPlay: Anartomy connection Information.

Jimmy Miklavcic jimmy.miklavcic at utah.edu
Sat Mar 28 14:54:12 CDT 2009

For those who might connect to the InterPlay performances this weekend and next, here's the information needed for doing so.

You will need HITLabNZ's HD-Vic (<http://www.hitlabnz.org/wiki/Access_Grid_-_HD>http://www.hitlabnz.org/wiki/Access_Grid_-_HD<http://www.hitlabnz.org/wiki/Access_Grid_-_HD) or>) or the H.264 Consumer service. The multicast address and port for HD-Vic vic is Make sure you use the -t 127 option. So, in a command window connect to the unzipped folder "vic_hdmi_1.1_beta" and run "vic -t 127". Please do not send video or audio until the Q&A at the end of the performance. Look for the CHPC Digital Mix window, that's the primary video. We are performing in the Theatre of the ArtGrid Venue (https://artgridvs.chpc.utah.edu:8000/Venues/default).

You should update RAT from the AGtk 3.2 beta release and set the sampling rate to 48KHz, stereo. You won't hear us until you do. You'll find those settings in RAT's option menu. In the Category drop down menu, select Audio. You'll then see where to make the sampling rate changes. The multicast address for audio is, TTL 127.

Mexico City joined us last night and that's pretty cool. If anyone does connect, please let us know how many people are at your site. We'd like to increase our remote audience. If there are any other questions, I'll be in email contact until 16:30 MDT today.

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