[AG-TECH] RAT : "Monodirectional" sound ?

Michael Miller mimiller at ncsa.uiuc.edu
Fri Mar 27 09:30:29 CDT 2009

Also, check the echo cancellation checkbox in RAT options.  In the past when I had this inadvertently checked, RAT used half-duplex behavior to cancel echo.  Best to use an outboard device like an XAP or echo-cancelling mic.

hope this helps,


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In the past it was sometimes due to the soundcard being only half-duplex
instead of full-duplex.


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> Hello everybody,
> I have been looking up into the archives, but couldn't find anything
> about it :
> Yesterday I had a meeting precisely to test a few things about the
> media tools, and it happened that only one person at a time could
> transmit sound, and like a walkie-talkie we had to tick/untick
> "talk" in the RAT interface to be almost able to discuss.
> Has anyone experienced it before ?
> Thanks,
> Thibault.

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