[AG-TECH] DVTS/ExtendedVideoProducer freezes

Andrew Ford acf0659 at rit.edu
Wed Mar 25 14:02:09 CDT 2009


On a couple of our Windows machines I've been seeing DVTS (running as an
ExtendedVideoProducer) hard freeze in certain situations. Usually whenever
the firewire connection drops out (ie, the preview window just shows the
last frame and trying to connect in an ExtendedVideoConsumer only shows a
black screen), and I try to disable the Producer service, the copy of DVTS
associated with the Producer service will hard freeze, necessitating a
reboot since trying to close it in task manager (normal 'end task' or doing
end process tree) doesn't work. Has anyone ever seen this before and/or know
how to definitively hard kill a process in Windows?

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