[AG-TECH] AGVCR website update

Jason Bell j.bell at cqu.edu.au
Tue Mar 24 01:16:22 CDT 2009


Great to hear from you!

I have updated AGVCR AG project page (See
http://www.accessgrid.org/project/agvcr) to point to the new website,

Thanks for the update.


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	Hi all,

	I know I'm pretty much out of the loop on AccessGrid stuff these
I did want to let everyone know that the new website for AGVCR is:


	At present I don't have the FAQ stuff repopulated, I don't have
database anymore. If anyone has some questions they'd like answered, 
please let me know and I'll being redoing that.
	I will at some point get my compilation system up and running
(still don't have an Intel Mac to hand...) and produce new binaries with

at least the new website URL in them.
	I will also look into getting the sourcecode somewhere that
others can 
submit changes, although as ever I am more than happy to incorporate 
patches if anyone has any changes they'd like to see. The sourcecode is 
freely downloadable as before.
	I hope everyone in AG-land is doing well.



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