[AG-TECH] Request for Involvement : Future Graphics Seminars

Martin Turner Martin.Turner at manchester.ac.uk
Mon Mar 16 05:38:17 CDT 2009

Aside: Congratulations all - our small charity event raised £86 for Comic Relief 
(for those in the States this is a big UK charity thing organised through the BBC http://www.comicrelief.com/  and our money went a long way towards helping their total of over £57m so far (likely to be above £70m)! (well every bit counts) http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/entertainment/7939425.stm  )

This was part of the ACM SIGGRAPH Manchester Professional Chapter (ACM Special Interest Group in Graphics)
We are now putting together ideas for the last part of this and for next year.


There have been 48 different events over the years (summarised above), virtually all video conferenced through the AG (sorry again for some, copyright meant that the last one could not be)

**** Request to ALL ****

- Looking for interesting related speakers who are going to be in the environs of Manchester (UK), 
 - or presenters who would like to transmit by video conferencing through the Access Grid.

Yours Martin

PS Thanks to our sponsors but also looking for new ones.

*** Apologies for Cross-posting ***

SIGGRAPH Animation Session, 13th March 2009, 3-4pm Room 1.10, Kilburn Building The University of Manchester 

We will be presenting some of the best SIGGRAPH animation video clips from the 2008 DVD collection. This covers a unique set of animations from professional houses to amateur enthusiasts all of whom have excelled in excellence. 

Wine and cake will be available to help the event and we will donate £2 per person who turns up to Comic Relief

Come and enjoy Friday 13th

This meeting will "not" be transmitted across the Access Grid so you will have to travel to Manchester: sorry. Further information 
http://manchester.siggraph.org/  http://www.rcs.manchester.ac.uk/research/seminars

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