[AG-TECH] AG on 64 bit Windows XP

Jon Johansson jon.johansson at ualberta.ca
Mon Apr 27 14:36:16 CDT 2009

Hi Ryan,

I've run AG on a 64-bit WinXP machine since just after
the 64-bit version of the OS was released. Initially it didn't
work very well - it took a few months for the drivers to stabilize.
Since then I haven't had any problems on 64-bit XP with AG 3.1,
just download the dependencies as given on the AG download page.
I suspect that if you get reasonable quality graphics and audio
cards and a webcam with fairly new XP x64 drivers it will work.
Creative was the first one to release 64 bit drivers so I bought
one of their cameras to start, which worked great. A few months
after Logitech released a 64-bit driver for the camera that I 
already had and that also works fine. Actually it's nice to have
cameras from different manufacturers because it's clear which
device vic is looking at, which isn't always so obvious with
2 Logitech cameras.


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Has anyone had any success running the Access Grid on a 64 bit Windows 
XP machine? If so, how difficult is it to set up compared to a 32 bit 
Windows XP machine? I'm looking for a machine upgrade and am attracted 
to a 64 bit machine due to the RAM limitations of a 32 bit windows



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