[AG-TECH] Firewall question

Tran, Quang V. qtran3 at lsuhsc.edu
Fri Apr 24 09:10:57 CDT 2009



We are building a new Access Grid at Children Hospital and we are
currently working on our corporate firewall.  Our network is currently
multicast enabled and we want to make sure that we have all the correct
ports opened.

we have compiled a list of ports.   We are not sure we missed anything.
Has anyone had a correct ports configuration that we could base on.



Quang Tran

LSUHSC - New Orleans

(504) 568-2877


Accept all traffic from localhost.

Accept all multicast traffic (

Accept traffic from ports: 8000, 8002, 8003, 8004 and 8006

Jabber port: 5223

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