[AG-TECH] HDMI VIC system useage on Windows

Vine, Derek A Derek.Vine at usd.edu
Fri Apr 17 16:26:40 CDT 2009

For those of you who are or have used the HDMI VIC on Windows, could you
please provide your capture hardware, system specs and the resource
usage to both capture and display?  


What I am really getting down to is will a system be able to support
three HD cameras for capture and up to 9 HD streams to display?  My plan
is to use 2 workstations each with 2 QC Intel Xeon processors, one for
capture and the other for display and sound.


Finally, do we need to make any special considerations as far as our
Venue Server to support these streams?


Any information that can be provided is greatly appreciated.


Thank you,


Derek Vine

Communication Network Specialist

The University of South Dakota

414 East Clark Street

Vermillion, SD 57069

(605) 677-8215

dvine at usd.edu <mailto:ceddn at usd.edu> 



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