[AG-TECH] Using AGVCR with latest Video Producer

Douglas Kosovic douglask at itee.uq.edu.au
Tue Apr 7 05:58:52 CDT 2009

Hi Ben,

>>From what I can tell, the current AGVCR will not play back recorded video streams from an H264 or Extended Video service.
> I'm guessing that it's because AGVCR uses an 'old' version of vic.exe 
> Has anyone tried 'upgrading' the vic.exe that AGVCR uses ?

You didn't mention if you are using the AGVCR Launcher from the 
VenueClient or manually setting the host and port details for the audio 
and video streams within AGVCR.

The H264 and Extended Video services are configured to use different 
ports than the standard H261 Video service, so I suspect that's the 
reason you aren't recording them.


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