[AG-TECH] Problem retrieving certificate

Frank Fulchiero fful at conncoll.edu
Mon Apr 6 16:34:07 CDT 2009

Sorry, noob question.
I installed AG 3.2-beta1 on latest OSX 10.5.6
I requested a Certificate....
Then I hosed my install by playing around too much, so reformatted the  
drive, and reinstalled everything.

Now AG seems to work fine, and I received the email...

"Your certificate request to the AG Developers CA has been approved  
and your certificate is ready. You can retrieve this certificate  
automatically by running the Venues Client and picking View Pending  
requests from the Preferences->Certificate Manager Menu item." Then it  
gives me the DN for this request: O=etc...

However, there is no Pending request in my Certificate Manager...
Do I make a new request, or is there some other way to retrieve it?

If there is a FAQ or instruction on-line, I would love to see  
it...Google search does not seem to uncover anything I can use or  

Frank Fulchiero
Digital Media Specialist
Connecticut College

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