[AG-TECH] Live Demo of Access Grid/DVTS for Vinton Cerf Thu 5:30 pm Eastern Time

Gurcharan S. Khanna gurcharan.khanna at rit.edu
Wed Apr 1 21:28:39 CDT 2009


I will be showing off the RIT ICELab tomorrow evening for Vinton Cerf 
(who will be
speaking on Friday) and will be demo'ing the work-in-progress RIT Global 
Grid which now consists of Access Grid and DVTS technologies.

If you would like to drop-in and be present, that would help demonstrate 
the global aspect
of this concept. For Access Gridders, audio will be live, should there 
be time to talk. But
mainly I would like to show the quality and quantity of live video, the 
main qualities for
me for the RIT Global Collaboration Grid concept. We have AG nodes in 
Kosovo and
Croatia, but they will be 'dark' at that time.

I especially encourage you if you can send DV streams inside of Access 
Grid as the
ExtendedVideoProducerService in Windows or the 'enhanced' vic in Linux 
that supports
DV streams. Of course, anyone is welcome to show up in whatever codec 
you can.

The AG Venue will be the Rochester Institute of Technology Venue in the 
ANL Server.
The URL is: 

Again, being a demo as part of a larger tour, the time scheduled could 
slip either way
and there may or may not be time to have two-way conversation but we 
will play it by ear.



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