[AG-TECH] AG and NAT'ed networks.

Jimmy Miklavcic jimmy.miklavcic at utah.edu
Tue Oct 28 12:12:40 CDT 2008

I'm working with Kansas University Medical Center and we've been having
troubles connecting via AG. They have a NAT'ed network and we are using
unicast. We connect and communicate via RAT but we are unable to
exchange video. The strange thing is that I a seeing their private IP
address in the RAT, I assume that I should be seeing a more public
I'm trying to understand the bridges' process flow. If two sites are
connected to a bridge via unicast, does the unicast/multicast bridge
process convert my unicast traffic to multicast then back to unicast
before sending the stream to the other site? If that is the case then I
can understand why we can't exchange video. Multicast can't handle
private IP space. But then, why does RAT work?
Any insight will be appreciated,
Dazed & Confused
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