[AG-TECH] AG on Windows Server 2003

Vine, Derek A Derek.Vine at usd.edu
Wed Oct 1 18:20:46 CDT 2008



We are looking at giving our AG node a major overhaul this coming
summer, which will mean building a new room from scratch.  In choosing
new hardware, I am leaning toward getting two HP ProLiant ML370 servers
to provide enough expansion slots and power for future demands.  With
that kind of hardware, my server admin would like to keep Windows Server
2003 loaded so that he can use monitoring tools to keep track of
performance and such.


Is anyone running AG on any flavor of Windows Server?  If so, are there
any issues to watch out for?  I am just looking for your experience so
that I can avoid those setbacks before they happen.


Thank you for your time.


Derek Vine

Communication Network Specialist

The University of South Dakota

414 East Clark Street

Vermillion, SD 57069

(605) 677-8215

dvine at usd.edu <mailto:ceddn at usd.edu> 



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