[AG-TECH] AGSchedule time zone settings

Michael Miller mimiller at ncsa.uiuc.edu
Tue Mar 11 14:52:04 CDT 2008

Hello everyone,

We're having that DST changeover trouble again...

Please check that your site has the correct time zone setting.  For 
those in the US, you will want to choose:
Eastern... 2007
Central... 2007
Mountain... 2007
Pacific... 2007

as appropriate.

If the time zone settings for your area change, please let me know and I 
can work with you to assure that both old and new meetings show at the 
correct time.

If you have trouble with your browser not selecting the correct time 
zone before you are logged in, find the cookie for 
agschedule.ncsa.uiuc.edu and delete it.  When you go to the site again, 
you will be asked questions about DST to set the cookie properly.  When 
you log in, AGSchedule sets the time zone according to your site, so the 
cookie does not have an effect on time display.

If you have further questions, please send email to the AGSchedule 
Administrator <agschedule at ncsa.uiuc.edu>

Thank you,

Michael Miller

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