[AG-TECH] Vista and/or OS X 10.5 install? (fwd)

Douglas Kosovic douglask at itee.uq.edu.au
Tue Mar 4 19:47:13 CST 2008

Hi David,

>I have a new conference room I was hoping to test out do some AG testing 
>in. But the computer systems in the room are Vista or Mac OS X 10.5.

> I remember something going by about 10.5 support being tested now, so I 
> tried to install on Vista, and I got errors on the Python win32 Extensions 
> installation. I am willing to beat on that a bit, but not if it is already 
> known that Vista is not supported.

The AG 3.1 alpha release annoucement for Intel Leopard is appended below.

With Vista and installers that don't support the new Vista security model, 
you need to right click the installer program and choose 'Run as 
Administrator' (even if your account has administrator privalages).

> So the question is:
> Are Vista or Mac OS X 10.5 supported by AccessGrid 3.1 at this point, and 
> if  not, is there a time table?

AG 3.1 should work on Vista, but there are issues like the latency with RAT 
being twice that of WinXP.


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Hi Justin:

We're doing some early testing of the AG on Leopard.  You can get a copy of 
the installer for this alpha release here:


Note that this is for Intel Macs only.

Please do report any problems that you find so we can fix them and move
toward a final Leopard release.

Tom Uram 

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