[AG-TECH] Vista and/or OS X 10.5 install? (fwd)

David A. Cox dcox at u.washington.edu
Tue Mar 4 18:48:43 CST 2008

I have a new conference room I was hoping to test out do some AG testing in. 
But the computer systems in the room are Vista or Mac OS X 10.5.

I looked on the AccessGrid.org site, but I could only find install instructions 
for XP and Mac OS X 10.3 & 10.4

I looked through the email list archives as well, but they seem to stop around 

I remember something going by about 10.5 support being tested now, so I tried 
to install on Vista, and I got errors on the Python win32 Extensions 
installation. I am willing to beat on that a bit, but not if it is already 
known that Vista is not supported.

So the question is:

Are Vista or Mac OS X 10.5 supported by AccessGrid 3.1 at this point, and if 
not, is there a time table?


David A. Cox
University of Washington

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