[AG-TECH] setting default codec for RAT under Linux (FC8) to other than L16-16K-Mono

Jason Bell j.bell at cqu.edu.au
Sun Jun 15 17:50:46 CDT 2008

G'day Andrew, Doug and all

This post bring up an interesting issue...  

There are times when you may wish to select a different audio codec,
therefore, is it at all possible to modify the "Audio Service" such that
you can make the codec a configurable option???  This can be considered
similar to the Video Codec setting you have in the "Video Services".

Now I understand that in regards to the Audio codec, there are a huge
list of codec's you can select, but maybe it would be useful to have the
popular ones listed.

Just a thought,

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Hi Andrew,

> After changing the codec & transmission type in RAT how do I make it
> after restarts of RAT?
> OS: Linux Fedora Core 8, AG 3.1 (build 1)
> RAT: rat-4.4.00-0.1.20071214svn.fc8
> We've been experimenting with G726-40-16K-Mono (80kbps) vs the default
> L16-16K-Mono (256kbps).
> I can see where I could kludge something by replacing the string
> "L16-16K-Mono" in 
> ~/.AccessGrid3/local_services/AudioService/AudioService.py
> but simply replacing it with "G726-40-16K-Mono" doesn't work.

You could try commenting out the options.append( "-f" ) and 
options.append( "L16-16K-Mono" ) lines in AudioService.py
, so that RAT will then make the setting stick by storing it in 


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