[AG-TECH] AG on the iPhone, anyone?

Brad Knowles bknowles at mail.utexas.edu
Tue Jun 10 16:01:58 CDT 2008

Douglas Kosovic wrote:

> I don't think the existing MacOS X AG port will be of much use at the 
> moment on an iPhone port. If I'm not mistaken, the iPhone only supports 
> Cocoa and not the legacy MacOS/MacOS X Carbon API, so wxPython (used by 
> the AGTk GUI) and Tcl/Tk (used by vic & rat) would first need to be 
> ported to Cocoa.

Ouch.  Yes -- I was assuming that the development tools and toolkits were 
already Cocoa-native, and that relatively little additional work needed to 
be done to update them to work with the modified APIs for the Cocoa Touch 
iPhone user interface.

Considering that Mac OS X 10.5 came out in October 2007, and yet we're still 
waiting for a released version of AG that will work under "Leopard", I guess 
this probably is asking way too much.  ;-(

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