[AG-TECH] SIGGRAPH Chapter Seminar over AG: 11th June "VEs, Illusion and Presence"

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" VEs, Illusions and Presence"

Presentatiuon on Wednesday 11th June 2008; 2pm-4pm BST Room1:10 Kilburn Building The University of Manchester UK
Virtual Environment Centres (VEs) have now been around for a couple of decades if not longer. They have ranged from CAVEs to portable units, coming in various sizes and shapes as well as being at times ridiculously expensive to compromisingly cheap. As new ideas and faster Computer Graphics processors and projectors emerge certain VEs die of lack of use; but new spaces present themselves.

This session includes views from Mary Whitton, University of North Carolina, Roger Hubbold, University of Manchester, Anthony Steed, UCL, and others is an open discussion forum after the Eurographics UK Chapter conference and designed to consider briefly past spaces that VEs have filled and their use, but also consider new spaces that are or may emerging.

Part of the ACM SIGGRAPH University of Manchester Professional Chapter Seminar Series: Access Grid instructions below.

Anyone wishing to view a seminar via Access Grid should note the following. Please check the Jabber room shortly before the start of the seminar to find if ScreenStreamer is to be used.

Jabber room:

* Preferably use ScreenStreamer software - go to 
http://www.memetic-vre.net/software/ScreenStreamer/ScreenStreamer.php and select room "University of Manchester (1.10)" from the AGSC section. Grab the screen feed (by clicking on it) from the screenstreamer window and resize it - more info can be found on http://www.memetic-vre.net/software/ScreenStreamer.
* Alternatively, the screenshot (not animated) can be accessed at (this IP might change for some sessions - please check Jabber).

For technical assistance regarding the Access Grid, please contact the Access Grid Support Centre. Non-UK Access Grid nodes are advised to contact the Access Grid Support Centre to check connectivity before the date of the seminar.

If possible, please let us know in advance if your site intends to join a seminar.

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