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Jason Bell j.bell at cqu.edu.au
Wed Jun 4 20:40:12 CDT 2008

G'day Ben

This is an interesting topic and personally I don't think there is a
"right" way of doing things.  One of the issues I see it that Venue
Servers are dynamic and things change.  For example, the host name might
change, etc.

I know with the "All-in-one-installer", it creates shortcuts to various
"popular" Venue Servers, which I think is quite useful.

I guess the other issues is that some Venue Servers are private and
don't wish to be published.

Hopefully, having a list of publicly listed Venue Servers under the AG
Community will be a good start for locating other Servers when needed.

To answer you other question, to my knowledge, there is no " block of
venues that everyone is told to maintain on their venue server".

Thanks for your email,

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Hi Jason,

Thanks for making that list.

I'm currently writing up a document on 'international meetings' to give
to our users. This obviously isn't all that straight forward for new
users, as it usually involves getting everyone using the same venue
server to ensure the same list of virtual venues.

So here in the UK, we usually ask people to use our server,
sam.ag.manchester.ac.uk, so that when the UK participant announces the
virtual venue to be used, they know that all international participants
will have that same venue available.

Ideally, all Toolkit venue servers worldwide would share a block of
international venues so that anyone using any server will have the same
choice of virtual venues. I'm sure I'm going to get loads of replies now
telling me this does exist already ! Perhaps this is what the 'Original
Venues' list is for. 

But is there a block of venues that everyone is told to maintain on
their venue server?

Regards, Ben.

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Dear Colleagues

I have listed a few of the known "Global Public Venue Servers" on the AG
website, which can be found under the Community section.  See

If you would like to see your venue server listed (or changed), please
contact me and I will modify the list.


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