[AG-TECH] AG Tk 2.4 Video Mute

Antonio Bandeira bandeira at fe.up.pt
Tue Jan 29 06:53:42 CST 2008


I am currently running with an Osprey 210 and an USB Webcam on this FC8 box
with AG3.1 and I have that same problem. 
The only thing I have to do to get the image back is to set 'port' to the
correct value again in VIC (producer). Actually, VIC says that the correct
value is currently selected, but resetting will do the job.

I think the problem is not from VIC since I had the same problem with other
apps, but from the driver (Bt878) itself. 


António Bandeira
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bandeira at fe.up.pt

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Hi Guys

We are having some trouble with the VIC tool under Fedora 8 with AG 2.4

The problem we are seeing is that the video for the cameras displays as blue
except for the last video stream to load.
Manually releasing and retransmitting the video stream from the VIC producer
then allows the video to be received. This system was a recent upgrade from
FC5 in which everything was working fine for 2.4 but the new 3.1 vic was
getting the unable to open socket error. AG 3.1 all works fine and displays
the video correctly.

Can anyone help with this issue or has any one seen this before.

Kindest Regards

Colin Campbell
System Engineer

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