[AG-TECH] AG 3.1 and overlapping windows

Keith Simmons ksimmons at gmail.com
Wed Jan 23 13:40:16 CST 2008

Hello Jeremy,

While I'm not sure how to position the windows, I have created a  
script to minimize windows based on name.


Take a look at the last three functions called an you can modify the  
criteria for minimizing.  This version also makes RAT always on top  
and disables the X to close it.  All of this is for windows only.

If you come up with a good way to launch this after AG starts, let me  
know -- Also, perhaps this could be modified to position windows.

Keith Simmons
ICE Lab Manager at RIT

On Jan 23, 2008, at 1:47 PM, Jeremy Mann wrote:

> Good afternoon all. Congrats to the team for the 3.1 release. I've
> installed this release on several campus and remote machines (Windows
> XP) and its performing very well. However, I'm coming into a user
> problem when using the AG. I'm not sure about other releases, but this
> release, once you click Go to connect to your Home Venue, all 3 video
> and audio windows open on the same area of the screen and are on top
> of each other. I don't want to sound mean about this, but my users are
> extremely computer illiterate (to put it nicely) and do not know
> enough to move the windows to another area of the desktop.
> Since I'm not a Windows user, I'm not sure if its possible for an
> application to remember the last placement of its windows the next
> time it starts. Is this a Windows setting or is it a setting within
> the AG? I noticed the Venue Client always starts in the same middle
> bottom of the Desktop. I'd like a way of telling RAT to always start
> in this area, VideoConsumer this area and VideoProducer in this area.
> Is this even possible?
> -- 
> Jeremy Mann
> jeremy at biochem.uthscsa.edu
> University of Texas Health Science Center
> Bioinformatics Core Facility
> http://www.bioinformatics.uthscsa.edu
> Phone: (210) 567-2672

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