[AG-TECH] Any more H.264 news?

Horwich, A (Adam) A.Horwich at rl.ac.uk
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Hi Tom,


I assume these services use the 1.3.1a version of VIC which has been
available from the Sumover website for a while now? 



In which case I would definitely agree that MPEG4 is a much better
choice of codec than H264. I don't know if it's due to an incomplete
implementation or lack of optimisation, but H264 is pretty 'hungry' in
that version of VIC. Given all the compatibility issues between IOCOM
and  the AGTk [AVATS] VIC it would be nice to see if IOCOM could work on
a compliant MEG4 codec instead. I can dream I suppose... Anyway, thanks
for packaging these up into Video Services, as retrofitting H264 VIC
into the existing H261 biased Video Producer meant a lot of headaches
when it would default you back to H261 every time you reload it.




Adam Horwich.


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A beta version of the h264/mpeg4 services can be gotten from here:


Note that it is currently only for Windows.  I'll work to get the Mac
version up.  I expect that Doug/Chris will provide Linux support very

Also note that if you are using these services to send mpeg4/h264,
anyone who does not have the mpeg4/h264 consumer service installed will
not be able to see your video. 

Please report problems liberally so we can improve this support.


On 1/28/08 5:17 PM, Jimmy Miklavcic wrote: 

Has there been any more progress with H.264 and AG 3.1? Also has anyone
seen the new Osprey 700 HD?




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