[AG-TECH] Two Multicast addresses for video in Argonne Lobby

Thomas D. Uram turam at mcs.anl.gov
Wed Feb 27 13:22:58 CST 2008


Thanks for mentioning this.  I'm planning to resolve it tonight, as it 
may require a server restart.

Details for those interested:  One of the video streams is 'dynamic', 
meaning it should expire and be removed.  This hasn't happened yet, 
either because it's reason for existence persists, or because there's a 
bug.  I'm looking into the cause so that, if it's a bug, I can fix it.


On 2/27/08 12:57 PM, Joe Reitzer wrote:
> Hi,
> We have noticed that there are 2 unique multicast address for the same 
> Argonne Lobby venue.
> In the same Venue on different nodes TRECC is seeing 2 different sets 
> of video streams.
> The multicast addresses are:
> port 20002 TTL 127
> &
> port 54560 TTL 127
> on both of the addresses the audio is set to:
> port 20000 TTL 127
> We thought there were problems with our hardware and or software 
> installs.
> Thanks,

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