[AG-TECH] AG Developers CA certificate expired

Michael Braitmaier braitmaier at hlrs.de
Wed Feb 27 07:27:59 CST 2008

Hello everyone!

I think this is mainly directed to Tom and the Argonne people, however 
it might be interesting for all of you.
I tried to reconfigure my Venueerver today using the VenueManagement 
program and it didn't work due to expiration of the AG Developer CA 
certificate, which
therefore actively prevented evaluation of any user or service certificate.

Not valid before: 01.02.2003 02:26:25
Not valid after: 31.01.2008 02:26:25

So my question is how to "work around" this problem. My assumption would 
be to distribute a new CA certificate?

I would be happy about any hints to this issue.


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