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Andrew Rowley Andrew.Rowley at manchester.ac.uk
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We are currently working on a web-based version of AG, called Portal Access Grid.  We have a web site at:

This is due to be released by the end of March / start of April.

Let me know if you have any questions about it,

Andrew J
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Greetings: I am really interested in Access Grid Development as I take part in a small community who is developing a software for videoconferencing based on AGTk. At the moment, we are in the design phase and some of us are analyzing the possibility of writing a web client for Venues. Of course, there are certain constraints: we only need to use AG in the easiest configuration, personal node. We would like to know your opinions about this decision. How difficult and feasible is that?. (We have discuss some technical facts and consequences). It is obvious that the advantages of doing that are numerous. Thanks in advance for your contributions to this topic. Regards, Luis Galárraga
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