[AG-TECH] Accessgrid 3.1 can't unmute local video displays

Felix Terkhorn masterkh at indiana.edu
Wed Feb 13 09:36:47 CST 2008

Hello AG wizards,

   We've been trying to set up our AccessGrid 3.1 client here at Indiana 
University.  We are using Python 2.4, Python 2.4 win32 extensions, 
wxPython 2.6. 

   We have three cameras connected which, when tested outside of 
AccessGrid, function appropriately.  Our sysadmin has recently updated 
the drivers for these video capture card and we get a clear picture from 
each one when testing with videum configuration application.  The video 
capture card is a Videum 4400VO.

    The problem we're seeing:  We can connect to venues and receive 
video and audio from other sources, and we can transmit audio.  But when 
we try to uncheck the 'mute' checkbox next to our local video displays, 
the checkbox does not respond.  

   We have three cameras configured as video producers with port as 
external-in, encoding as h261, and standard as NTSC.  Only standard 
gives an alternate option, PAL, which also has not worked.

   We've tried both the newest driver for our video capture card, as 
well as rolling back to the driver on the CD that came with the hardware. 

    On some level this seems like it might be a Tcl/TK problem.  Besides 
the 'mute' checkbox being unclickable, we've often observed that other 
windows with "TclTK" in their title (autoplace, for example) have no 
elements that respond to mouse input.  When this behavior occurs, even 
the minimize and maximize buttons on those windows do not respond.

   Any help you can offer would be greatly appreciated.  :)  We are 
quickly running out of ideas on how to get this to work.  I'm more than 
happy to provide additional information as needed.

   Best regards,
   Felix Terkhorn
   Indiana University LEAD project developer and general handyman


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