[AG-TECH] Ncast DCC Capture

Todd Zimmerman todd.zimmerman at ubc.ca
Wed Dec 17 13:06:02 CST 2008

Hey all,

I've emailed Hank Magnuski from NCast Inc. directly to ask some
questions regarding their DCC HD Capture card.  I've asked Hank if I
could continue the discussion directly on the AG-Tech list and he has
agreed.  Feel free to jump in with questions etc. Below is a fairly
complete copy of the discussion so far, I'll be sending follow up
questions in my next email.


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On Wed, 17 Dec 2008, Todd Zimmerman wrote:
> > A couple of questions about your DCC Capture card.
> >
> > My plan is to purchase a Sony EVI-HD1 camera and a DCC Capture Card.  I
> > assume that I should be able to run the "D-Sub 15 pin" Component HD out
> > on the EVI-HD1 directly into the "RGB on DB15" input on the NCast,
> > although I'm concerned because the DB15 nomenclature in the DCC
> > documentation is a little unclear to me.
> >
> > Can you comment if this should work and whether this is a supported
> > use?

On Wed, 2008-12-17 at 10:28 -0800, Hank Magnuski responded:
> The VGA connector is basically an RGB component connector and one can find 
> off-the-shelf coax breakout cables for this DB-15 plug to feed it the R-G-B 
> signals. I think we support both H/V sync and sync-on-green.
> What is less clear is compatibilty with Y-Pb-Pr component, and I think our 
> results are mixed after trying a few DVD players and other equipment.
> Does this camera have HDMI or DVI out? That would really be the connection you 
> would want to employ. We accept DVI and an HDMI to DVI converter is readily 
> available.

Todd Zimmerman wrote:
> > I will hopefully be using different software (Linux and Windows) to
> > capture/stream the results.  Comments on this would be great.

Hank Magnuski responded:
> Under Windows we supply WDM drivers which make the card look like an ordinary 
> video camera, and the card works right out of the box with Windows Media 
> encoder, Expression encoder, and some other popular apps.
> Under Linux we have a pretty good implementation of V4L2, and programs like 
> XAWTV and Ekiga find and use the card easily.

Todd Zimmerman wrote:
> > Secondly, I see you have a PCI Express version of this card due to be
> > released - is there a firm release date for this yet?  Are there any
> > other planned releases/updates planned?

Hank Magnuski responded:
> The PCI Express card is going into final fab, and my firm release date 
> (which seems to keep slipping) is now around the first week in February.

Todd Zimmerman wrote:
> > There is a global group of users that use a collaboration technology
> > called AccessGrid (some still based on the updated MBone tools) that is
> > interested in HD streaming - your product would be a great addition if
> > it works as assumed.

Hank Magnuski responded:
> Yes, I am well aware of the Access Grid, and for years have been trying to 
> convince that community that our capture cards and especially our Telepresenter 
> M3S2 would be an excellent choice for use, especially for the capture and 
> transmission of graphics (Powerpoint presentations and the like). 
> A few people in the community have bought NCast products, Daniel Eiland at LSU 
> and Fred Dech in Chicago come to mind.
> I'm still a big fan of what the Access Grid can bring to the world of 
> on-line collaboration, so we'll be pleased to help you get some HD streaming 
> going if we possibly can.
> Regards,
> Hank Magnuski
> NCast Corporation
> +1-408-747-0108 direct
> +1-650-714-2409 cell

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