[AG-TECH] Wireless mobile AG clients

R. P. C. Rodgers rodgers at arborvitae.com
Tue Dec 9 16:55:32 CST 2008

Ouch! I do apologize, to you adn to fellow members of the list.  I'm 
still relatively new to
thunderbird, and did not notice that the mega-attachments were still 
present.  You had a right
to be cross with Ben, and then again with me.

Of course, it is a statistical certainty that people working at speed on 
a variety of platforms are
going to make mistakes like this on (rare, one would hope) occasion.  A 
better solution to this
problem would be to configure the mail list software to prevent large 
attachments from being
forwarded to the list.  The original sender could be advised 
(automatically) to deposit the large
file(s) on a HTTP or FTP server, and employ the appropriate URL within 
their message.

As an email user since ~1980, I can assure you that no number of cross 
messages to senders
will fix this problem.

Best Regards, Rick Rodgers

Brad Knowles wrote:
> R. P. C. Rodgers wrote:
>> Thanks for sharing, Ben.  I have been trying to take this a step further
>> by using a Sprint wireless broadband card (3G, EVDO) in a MacBook Pro.
> When you reply to messages like this, please trim your replies to 
> include just the text you're responding to, and don't include the same 
> attachments that you had originally received.
> You just sent another 3MB+ response to all the hundreds and thousands 
> of recipients of the original message, and caused yet another massive 
> load on the mailing list server.

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