[AG-TECH] startup scripts AG3.1 for Fedora 8

Christoph Willing c.willing at uq.edu.au
Mon Aug 25 20:22:16 CDT 2008

On 26/08/2008, at 8:55 AM, Dinale, Justin wrote:

> Chris,
> Looking throught the agbs.conf and agregistry.conf I noticed
> /var/lock/agregistry.
> Was this just a typo or is there a specific purpose to it?


Thanks for pointing that out - it was a typo (cut & paste fatigue).  
The corrected versions are attached below.

> To get the Bridge Server running, it has to start after the registry
> peer, is this addressed in the init files?

I haven't run a registry peer and a bridge on the same machine so  
hadn't noticed that. I believe it can be addressed as follows.

In Red Hat, Fedora etc., systems, the boot scripts are run in  
alphabetical order, so "agbs" would normally run before "agregistry".  
To regulate this more precisely, the chkconfig command adds numbers  
to the beginning of the script names when it installs them e.g. a  
bare "agbs" is converted to S85agbs. The added numbering is specified  
in the script itself and both agbs & agregistry _were_ set to the  
same by the line
	# chkconfig: - 85 15
so the added numbering had no effect on the startup ordering.

I've changed those lines in the agbs & agregistry scripts so that  
agregistry will become S86agregistry and will therefore start after  
the bridge server (which remains at S85agbs). I also changed the  
venue server so that it will become S84agvs after chkconfig.

To summarise the installation:
	put the *.conf files into /etc/default/
	put the bare scripts into /etc/init.d/
	run 'chkconfig --add' for each service to be enabled
	run 'chkconfig <servicename> on' for each service to be enabled e.g.  
'chkconfig agbs on'

Of course, you can edit the scripts so that chkconfig will assign  
different prefixes (and therefore startup ordering) to the script names.

Please anyone, feel free to correct anything here - I'm not a Red  
Hat, Fedora etc. person, so my understanding may be somewhat simplistic.


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>>> Hello,
>>> I have installed AccessGrid 3.1 on Fedora 8 and would like to have
>>> VenueServer launched on startup.  I did not see any startup scripts
> in
>>> /etc/init.d ... does anyone have a startup script they are  
>>> willing to
>>> share?  Or are startup scripts included by default and I'm just not
>>> looking in the correct place?  I will also be running a bridge  
>>> server
>>> and registry server on the same machine, so a startup script that
>>> includes those would be most welcome.  I am new to Fedora so I am  
>>> not
>>> that versed in boot time startup scripts for the platform.
>> Enrique,
>> Attached below are a number of startup scripts for venue & bridge
> servers and registry peer. They are based on the scripts that I have
> used here for some time on the APAG venue server; its not actually
> running Fedora, but I've reworked the scripts to be generic enough
> (hopefully) that they can just drop in and work (when suitably
> configured) in all the common distributions.
>> There are two files applicable to each service. All the .conf  
>> files go
> into /etc/default/ and all these files need some information entered
> into them before the real scripts will run (quite minimal though). The
> remaining files (the plain agvs, agbs & agregistry) go into /etc/ 
> init.d/
> from where you can test them e.g. sudo /etc/init.d/ agvs start (&  
> stop).
> Each service needs a user account under which to run and a  
> directory in
> which to run - these are set in the appropriate .conf file. The user
> account to be used should have a service certificate installed. I'd
> suggest running each service manually a few times for testing purposes
> before enabling them fully with chkconfig.
>> Careful viewers will see that I've not used the the convenience
> functions especially provided by some distributions for starting &
> stopping services. This strategy enables the same scripts to be used
> across different distributions. More importantly, it avoids the  
> "wrong"
> behaviour by some built in daemon functions when running the venue
> server.
>> chris
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> <agregistry.conf><agbs.conf><agregistry><agbs>

Christoph Willing                        +617 3365 8350
QCIF Access Grid Manager
University of Queensland

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