[AG-TECH] how do I get desktop audio 'into' AG/RAT?

Jason Bell j.bell at cqu.edu.au
Mon Aug 25 11:54:39 CDT 2008

G'day Andrew


One simply solution I have used in the past, is to use the separate
computer (ie presenter machine) which has the AG software on it which
allows you to transmit the desktop or window using VPCScreen, or
alternatively, if you VNC to the presenter machine, you can then
VPCSreen the VNC session.  


Given this is a separate machine, you connect the audio output from the
computer to the Echo Canceller, this then allows you to transmit the
audio both locally and externally.  I have done this a number of times,
especially for multimedia presentations.


I hope this gives you an idea for one possible solution.





From: Andrew Leahy [mailto:alfski at gmail.com] 
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Subject: [AG-TECH] how do I get desktop audio 'into' AG/RAT?


Hi - this is a tough one because of all the echo/feedback problems.

How do sites capture audio from applications on a AG desktop and get it
into the AG environment?

For example, if I want to share desktop multimedia I can use
VPCScreenProducer to inject the video into VIC.
But what do I do about audio? the normal audio-out is echo cancelled by
the ClearOne or similar device so isn't transmitted into RAT.

One idea, that I haven't tried, is to use a second sound device and feed
it into the ClearOne or room to be picked up by the line/mic-in on the
primary card (where RAT is recording)? But then I have the hassle of
figuring how to tell particular apps to use device 2 rather than device
1 for audio.

My application is with Linux (FC) desktops, but the same problem would
apply to Windows & OS X.

Any advice would be welcome.

Cheers, Andrew

School of Computing & Mathematics
University of Western Sydney

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