[AG-TECH] how do I get desktop audio 'into' AG/RAT?

Andrew Leahy alfski at gmail.com
Sun Aug 24 23:30:13 CDT 2008

Hi - this is a tough one because of all the echo/feedback problems.

How do sites capture audio from applications on a AG desktop and get it into
the AG environment?

For example, if I want to share desktop multimedia I can use
VPCScreenProducer to inject the video into VIC.
But what do I do about audio? the normal audio-out is echo cancelled by the
ClearOne or similar device so isn't transmitted into RAT.

One idea, that I haven't tried, is to use a second sound device and feed it
into the ClearOne or room to be picked up by the line/mic-in on the primary
card (where RAT is recording)? But then I have the hassle of figuring how to
tell particular apps to use device 2 rather than device 1 for audio.

My application is with Linux (FC) desktops, but the same problem would apply
to Windows & OS X.

Any advice would be welcome.

Cheers, Andrew

School of Computing & Mathematics
University of Western Sydney
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