[AG-TECH] Domain issues when entering venues

Kaler B Marshall Kaler.Marshall at inl.gov
Tue Aug 19 17:01:36 CDT 2008

I am an intern at Idaho National Laboratory, and I have been tasked with 
setting up an AG Venue.  Because of our network security I have two 
machine (Windows XP systems) with AG installed (one is running the venue 
server) that I test between all while on our internal network.  When I 
setup the venue server, the venue management tool sets the urls for the 
venues to https://<machine name>.inel.gov:8000/Venues/<some md5 hash>. The 
venue lobby is setup this same way with 'inel.gov' in the path.  However, 
I can only connect to the venue lobby or other venues by manually changing 
the path to 'inl.gov'.  I have requested services certificates for both 
'<machine name>.inel.gov' and '<machine name>.inl.gov' but the venue paths 
still contain 'inel.gov'.  Both 'inl.gov' and 'inel.gov' are legit domains 
and should resolve correctly.  I contacted our domain administrators to 
see what the problem might be.  They're are not sure what the problem is. 
Has anyone experienced similar issues or have ideas where to look?

Kaler Marshall
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