[AG-TECH] Add content to the AG website day (30th/Nov/2007)

Jason Bell j.bell at cqu.edu.au
Sun Nov 25 16:56:26 CST 2007

G'day All (Reminder) (Apologies for any cross posting)

With the end of the month approaching, I would like to propose that
November 30th (Friday) can be "add content to the AG website day"!

Given that the AG website (www.accessgrid.org) is a global resource, I
would like to see content being added from people all around the world.

Therefore, can I ask that everyone spend 5 minutes on the 30th of
November and add an item to the portal.  The more content on the AG
website, the more information can be available for everyone to view.

Therefore, as a suggestion, feel free to add one of the following
content items:

*	A new Global Node listing (Remember to encourage sites that
haven't already registered, to do so);

*	A hardware item (http://www.accessgrid.org/hardware) that hasn't
already been documented;

*	A document within the documentation section:
	-	Install Guides
	-	User Guides
	-	HowTo / Tutorials
	-	Shared Applications
	-	Other Topics
	-	Add-Ons

	Some of the documents I would like to see added to the AG
website include things like:
	+	Better documentation of the port usage within the AG
	+	A detailed FAQ page
	+	A thorough general guide
	+	A General Trouble Shooting Guide

*	A project listing (http://www.accessgrid.org/project)
I hope this email has encouraged you to add some content and free feel
to collaborate on some of the larger document projects.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact me.

Thanks for your time,

Jason Bell, B.I.T.

B. Info. Tech. (Honours) Student

High Performance Computing Support Officer, 
Network Engineer 
Information Technology Division 
Central Queensland University

E-mail : j.bell at cqu.edu.au
Phone : 07 4930 9229
Patience is a virtue.

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