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"Rapid 3D scene modelling from video clips" 
William Clocksin, City University London 

Friday 16th November 2007, 2-3pm GMT Room 1.10, Kilburn Building The University of Manchester

I will describe the VideoTrace system developed in a collaboration between Oxford Brookes University and the University of Adelaide. VideoTrace interactively generates realistic 3D models of objects from video- models that might be inserted into a video game, a simulation environment, or another video sequence.

The user interacts with VideoTrace by tracing the shape of the object to be modelled over one or more frames of the video. By interpreting the sketch drawn by the user in light of 3D information obtained from computer vision techniques, a small number of simple 2D interactions can be used to generate a realistic 3D model.

Each of the sketching operations in VideoTrace provides an intuitive and powerful means of modelling shape from video, and executes quickly enough to be used interactively. Immediate feedback allows the user to model rapidly those parts of the scene which are of interest and to the level of detail required. The combination of automated and manual reconstruction allows VideoTrace to model parts of the scene not visible, and to succeed in cases where purely automated approaches would fail.

Part of the ACM SIGGRAPH University of Manchester Professional Chapter Seminar Series

Anyone wishing to view a seminar via Access Grid should note the following. Please check the Jabber room shortly before the start of the seminar to find out whether IGPix or ScreenStreamer is to be used.

Jabber room: university-of-manchester-(1.10)(sam.ag.manchester.ac.uk)@conference.mcs.anl.gov

* Preferably use ScreenStreamer software - go to http://www.memetic-vre.net/software/ScreenStreamer/ScreenStreamer.php, and select room "University of Manchester (1.10)" from the AGSC section. Grab the screen feed (by clicking on it) from the screenstreamer window and resize it - more info can be found on http://www.memetic-vre.net/software/ScreenStreamer.
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