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"Interesting? Aesthetic? Useful? GeoVisualization Perspectives and Examples" 
Jason Dykes, City University London 

Friday 16th November 2007, 2-3pm GMT Room 1.10, Kilburn Building The University of Manchester

A whole series of techniques are being developed to promote this kind of activity. They are fuelled by a number of related trends, including: advances in computing; the increasing availability of formally derived spatial data; the georeferencing of a whole host of diverse data sets including user contributed 'social' data. Situating these techniques in applied contexts and real workflows is less common and developing geovisualization applications through a process that involves establishing needs and requirements is rare.

A series of examples of current work at City University will be presented including geographically weighted interactive graphics (geowigs), the 'road/map' application and analytical mashups that use Google Earth as the basis for exploration.

They will be considered in terms of their utility and in light of efforts to embed geovisualization in real applications scenarios. 

Part of the ACM SIGGRAPH University of Manchester Professional Chapter Seminar Series

Anyone wishing to view a seminar via Access Grid should note the following. Please check the Jabber room shortly before the start of the seminar to find out whether IGPix or ScreenStreamer is to be used.

Jabber room: university-of-manchester-(1.10)(sam.ag.manchester.ac.uk)@conference.mcs.anl.gov

* Preferably use ScreenStreamer software - go to http://www.memetic-vre.net/software/ScreenStreamer/ScreenStreamer.php, and select room "University of Manchester (1.10)" from the AGSC section. Grab the screen feed (by clicking on it) from the screenstreamer window and resize it - more info can be found on http://www.memetic-vre.net/software/ScreenStreamer.
* Alternatively, the screenshot (not animated) can be accessed at (this IP might change for some sessions - please check Jabber). 

For technical assistance regarding the Access Grid, please contact the Access Grid Support Centre. Non-UK Access Grid nodes are advised to contact the Access Grid Support Centre to check connectivity before the date of the seminar.

If possible, please let us know in advance if your site intends to join a seminar.
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