[AG-TECH] bridge not in central registry

Nicolas Bertrand nsb at ceh.ac.uk
Fri Mar 30 06:40:13 CDT 2007


Apply the attached patched registry client to C:\Python23\Lib\site-packages\AccessGrid3\AccessGrid\Registry

That provides a workaround to the current limitations of having only 10 bridges listed.


>>> Kaizaad Bilimorya <kaizaad at sharcnet.ca> 03/30 2:44 am >>>

We are running a bridge server that seems to drop out from the central 
registry http://www.accessgrid.org/registry/peers.txt 

Physically, the bridge doesn't seem to loose network connectivity, but 
when a client starts up and gets the list of bridges, sometimes our bridge 
is not there. After waiting a few minutes and then restarting the client, 
the bridge shows up in the list:

Bridge	 Host             Port  Type        Status  Distance PortRange 
------   ----             ----  ----        -----   -------- ----------
SHARCNET agbs.sharcnet.ca 20000 QuickBridge Enabled 0.0160   50000-50200

I can actually just run the "RegistryClient.py" command (from the bridge 
itself) and sometimes I see it listed but then on the next run it is gone.

name: SHARCNET  host: agbs.sharcnet.ca  port: 20000  dist:0.0015721321106
name: UofC  host: bullet.uchicago.edu  port: 20200  dist:0.0685670375824
name: Argonne  host: milton.mcs.anl.gov  port: 8030  dist:0.0720429420471
name: WestGrid  host: venueserver2.westgrid.ca  port: 20000  dist:0.172122955322
name: NIEeS  host: agiraffe.niees.group.cam.ac.uk  port: 29999  dist:0.353329181671
name: AGSC  host: sam.ag.manchester.ac.uk  port: 1992  dist:0.359209060669
name: onlyfinland  host: vy216.ucs.fi  port: 20000  dist:0.452105998993
name: APAG  host: vv3.ap-accessgrid.org  port: 20000  dist:0.751379966736
name: JCU  host: hpc-external.jcu.edu.au  port: 20000  dist:0.772580862045
name: Sheridan  host: oa-ag3-venue.sheridanc.on.ca  port: 20000  dist:8.37

I think it is dropping out of the registry because I would expect it to be 
first in the list since it is the closest. Even when I increase the 
"LookupBridge(self, maxToReturn=20):" it still is not listed some of the 

Any insight would be helpful


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