[AG-TECH] Problesm with Matrox QID and Fedora Core 6

Dave Price dap at aber.ac.uk
Fri Mar 23 09:11:25 CDT 2007

Dear All,

Sorry if you see this twice, I first posted a few days ago
but I've not seen it back on the list and I've not
seen any replies.


We have a start/stop attempt going here to finish
building an Access Grid node that we have been trying
to do for the last couple of years, but keep getting
delayed by having to other stuff like teach students,
do systems admin and so on...


We have a relatively fast twin Xeon 3.2ghz and we plan
to make a small "room system" AG node out of this...

We also plan to have both windows XP (which we largely have working)
and a Linux configuration dual bootable.

We have a Matrox QID display adapter driving four screens
and an on-board ATI adapter driving another thus giving us five screens.
We have this working under XP o.k.

We have an Ituner Spectra8 video capture card
[which persists in only giving video off three
of its four ports]

Now, our current problem is as follows...

We are trying to build the Linux AG node and
are presently trying to use Fedora Core 6.

Our immediate problem is that we can't get the matrox card to work.
We load the drivers (which we just got from   http://tuxx-home.at/ )
but when we then try to start x we just get black screens....

Do any of you folks have the same hardware/Linux configuration
as us and actually have it working?

Would any of you recommend a completely different Linux as
the basis of our Linux AG node?  (we actually have
most linux variants running somewhere... We will probably
build another node, attached to a "mars surface laboratory"
where we will have rovers etc running around, using Gentoo
for that AG).

Anyway, advice, comments, directions to go away :-)
all greatfully received...


Dave Price and Rohit Jonahs

p.s. any advice on why only three of the channels
on the ituner spectra 8 seem to work also
greatfully received.

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