[AG-TECH] AG3.0.2 windows not working

Terry.Rankine at csiro.au Terry.Rankine at csiro.au
Thu Jun 21 00:51:59 CDT 2007

Hi guys

I just downloaded AG3.0.2 and the dependancies on the page.

I have installed it but no vic and rat popup on connect, and I cant get
them to start at all from the gui.

Looking at the logs in C:\Documents and Settings\ran110\Application

C:\Documents and Settings\ran110\Application
The files exist and can be run manually

The error looks like a string is not getting substituted properly - but
I don't know.

Can you please help me

Terry Rankine

06/21/07 13:43:05 5220 Toolkit     videoconsumerservice.py:150 INFO
Starting VideoConsumerService
06/21/07 13:43:05 5220 Toolkit     videoconsumerservice.py:151 INFO
executable = C:\Documents and Settings\ran110\Application
06/21/07 13:43:05 5220 Toolkit     videoconsumerservice.py:152 INFO
options = ['-C', u'Argonne Lobby', '-t', '127', u'-XrtpName=Terry
Rankine', u'-XrtpEmail=terry.rankine at csiro.au', '-XrecvOnly=1',
'-XsiteDropTime=5', '-Xgeometry=500x500', '-Xtile=2',
06/21/07 13:43:05 5220 ProcessManager     processmanager.py:62 DEBUG
Creating process: C:\Documents and Settings\ran110\Application
Data\AccessGrid3\local_services\VideoConsumerService\vic.exe -C "Argonne
Lobby" -t 127 "-XrtpName=Terry Rankine"
-XrtpEmail=terry.rankine at csiro.au -XrecvOnly=1 -XsiteDropTime=5
-Xgeometry=500x500 -Xtile=2
06/21/07 13:43:05 5220 ProcessManager     processmanager.py:100 ERROR
process creation failed: (193, 'CreateProcess', '%1 is not a valid Win32
Traceback (most recent call last):
cessManager.py", line 73, in StartProcess
error: (193, 'CreateProcess', '%1 is not a valid Win32 application.')
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